HR Trends To Watch For In 2020!

The Human Resource professionals are known for learning about the trends prevailing in their industry and the industries which they cater to. The long mega trends do not alter each year and are usually the same in every year. However, there are certain trends which are going to emerge and change the face of HR services Israel.

Listed below are such trends one should watch for in the coming year, 2020:

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  • Holistic HR Approach

The Human resource services are going to take a holistic approach in the next year by using the advancement made in technology. Being human centric will be the key of HR services and the goal will be to add value to stakeholders instead of just focusing upon the management. The Executive Search Israel will be about combining intuition with analytics and using the same in a strategic as well as operational manner for achieving long and short term objectives.

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  • Adaptive Systems

The organisations will take an opportunity to know the user and adapts its system according to the behavior of the user. For instance, if the HR professionals notice that during an employee survey, the non-response rate was very high. The reason for the same was ascertained that the survey was being sent to the employees every month and a lot of time gets absorbed in completing the survey. This is the reason the employees choose to skip the survey all together. With adaptive systems, the HR professionals may consider decreasing the frequency of sending the surveys to the employees who failed to respond twice or thrice. Also, instead of a long and taxing survey, the content of the survey can be adapted in accordance with the previous responses.

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  • Low Focus On Improving Process

Usually the focus is set on improving the old processes by redesigning them and using new tools and technology for advancing the same. However, now the focus will be upon devising employee centric solutions. The aim is to see that the benefits of the HR initiatives are being acknowledged by the employees. In the year, 2020, HR is going to get back and establish close contacts with the different client groups it caters to.

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  • Kindness

Kindness is one of the most promising HR trend for the next year which is set to reduce the cost of employment in Israel. HR will be seen as the guardian as well as a driver of kindness in an organization. Measures will be implemented which will reflect kindness of the organization and its management in terms of giving a day off to the employees on their birthday or giving a welcome package of cookies or T-shirt to the new employees or sending a ‘Get well soon’ card and fruit basket if an employee has fallen ill.

Image result for Learning By Doing"

  • Learning By Doing

This is one of the important HR trends which will surface in the year 2020. It will give employees an opportunity to actively learn the modules as and when required during the flow of the work. For instance, if you are going to hold a meeting with an employee with low performance, the system will offer a short module on how to deal with under-performing people of the company.

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